The New Orleans Odditarium Collection.


You'll be Amazed!!!

—- See actual preserved specimens of the elusive bayou squid captured from the Florida Avenue Canal!

you'll be Astounded!!!

—- See the President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis’ kidney stone preserved for posterity under glass!

You'll be Awestruck!!!

—- See the world’s largest assembled collection of voodoo cutlery under one roof.  Don’t stare at it too long!

You'll be Astonished!!!

—- See a lifelike replica of Louisiana’s famous “Singing Governor,”  James ‘Jimmy’ Davis!


You will be DUMBSTRUCK!  You’ll become DISCOMBOBULATED!  You will be DEEPLY MOVED!  You’ll become DISORIENTED!  You will feel DIVINELY INSPIRED!  You will dig New Orleans the way it’s meant to be dug.  The New Orleans Oddtiarium is a musuem, but it’s more than what you think it may be.  Come see for yourself.  DISCOVER ANOTHER SIDE OF NEW ORLEANS HISTORY AND CULTURE!

Be one with the New Orleans State of Mind.

The New Orleans Odditarium.  It is more than what you expect.  

The New Orleans Odditarium is housed in La Belle Esplanade, the #1 rated place to stay in New Orleans, Louisiana.  La Belle Esplanade is unlike any other hotel.

A boutique, 5-suite hotel located on one of New Orleans most beautiful streets, get outside the usual tourist bubble and enjoy New Orleans the way it is meant to be lived.  Don't just visit New Orleans, belong here.  Make La Belle Esplanade your New Orleans headquarters while you are here.  Home is where the heart is and there are many undiscovered corners of the New Orleans heart in our part of the city.  Let the New Orleans Odditarium at La Belle Esplanade serve as your gateway to the New Orleans state of mind.  

La Belle Esplanade is not just home to The New Orleans Odditarium.  It is also home to "The Best Written Blog in New Orleans."  Our blog is sometimes informative, usually entertaining.  If you are thinking about visiting New Orleans you can do a heckuva lot worse than choosing to stay at La Belle Esplanade. A heckuva lot worse.  You can stay in a chain hotel staffed by stiffs working their way up the corporate ladder or you can stay in a small boutique operation staffed by New Orleans goodwill ambassadors who love to share what they know about this wonderful city we call home. There is a wild and wonderful city here outside the French Quarter and outside the usual tourist bubble.  Come discover it for yourself.  Let The New Orleans Odditarium be your introduction to the New Orleans state of mind.