Curious members of the general public are welcome to schedule a tour of the New Orleans Odditarium. These tours are led by members of our crackerjack curatorial staff.  Self-guided tours of the exhibits are not allowed.  Tours are by appointment only.  To arrange a visit to the New Orleans Odditarium, please email us at least 24 hours in advance to set up a time to meet with our staff to be ushered into a world of amusement and education.  Welcome to the New Orleans state of mind.  Our email address is:

The average length of a visit to the New Orleans Odditarium is 45 minutes.  A $10.00 donation will be requested upon entry.  As a nonprofit educational institution, donations are not required for admission but making a donation will guarantee an enhanced experience.  Depending on how fascinated you are with our collection, your visit may last as long as two hours.  Our longest visit was five hours long, not counting repeat visits to study our artifacts at length or to comb through the Odditarium's extensive archives in the climate-controlled back vault.  

The New Orleans Odditarium is open to the general public curious about the New Orleans state of mind and its history.  The Odditarium also welcomes professional scholars, college professors, amateur historians with an axe to grind, and students of all grades for research purposes.  As an accredited museum and archive, the New Orleans Odditarium does not charge to encourage the pursuit of knowledge for academic purposes.  Per usual procedures, no ink pens are allowed in the Odditarium at any time.  Some articles require white glove treatment and Odditarium staff will provide the white gloves.  No need to bring your own.  Contact the New Orleans Odditarium via email for an appointment:

The New Orleans Odditarium is always amenable to consider collaborating with fellow institutions, like-minded researchers, antiquarians, cartographers, demographers, historians, artists, poets, or educators on projects that do not require funding from the Odditarium.  Please submit proposals to the New Orleans Odditarium via email:

The best way to experience the New Orleans Odditarium is to stay at La Belle Esplanade when visiting our fair city.  La Belle Esplanade is a boutique experience inn located on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans, LA.  La Belle Esplanade's guests have unlimited access to the Odditarium's exhibit rooms, where they find themselves delighted and enlightened by the many surprises our display cases contain.  No one ever says their visit to New Orleans was too long.  It's always the opposite.  Everyone says their visit to New Orleans is too short.  There is always more to explore in New Orleans.  There is always more to discover at the New Orleans Odditarium.  To get the full experience of both, make a reservation directly at La Belle Esplanade.