The New Orleans Odditarium: Where secrets come to life.


An odditarium is, of course, a museum.  As such, the New Orleans Odditarium displays a noteworthy collection of items culled from the city which it calls home.  An odditarium’s mission is to collect, preserve, and interpret artifacts of general or specific archeological, anthropological, scientific, cultural, folkloric, artistic, and whimsical interest which describe the culture of of a specific place, in this case the great and resilient city of New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

The New Orleans Odditarium is located in the lobby of La Belle Esplanade, a boutique experience inn located at the edge of the Tremé neighborhood in New Orleans.   The New Orleans Odditarium is not just for the enjoyment of the guests of La Belle Esplanade.  This treasured institution is open for the inspection and edification of the general public.  If you are interested in browsing and learning from the exhibits in our extensive collection, please email us in advance to set up an appointment.  Our email address is:  If you show up without a scheduled appointment, you will leave disappointed.  Our staff is too busy curating and collating our archived material and organizing traveling shows to drop everything without prior arrangement.

The New Orleans Oddtiarium will shed light on what it is like to live in New Orleans.  New Orleans is a magical place, like no other on earth.  The New Orleans Odditarium is proud to be the repository of its most distinctive assortment of New Orleans artifacts in order to provide an intuitive and in-depth perspective of the New Orleans state of mind.  Whether your field of interest is natural history, cultural history, culinary history, military history, local history, run-of-the-mill general history, scientific curiosities, or history in the making, The New Orleans Odditarium will delight you and expand your understanding of this wonderful city we call home.   Children of all ages and academics alike all find their horizons widened after a visit to the New Orleans Odditarium.  

The New Orleans Odditarium is a real museum, and then some.  The New Orleans Odditarium is a cultural resource for people who either are in love with New Orleans already or who are going to be in love with New Orleans after they visit the Odditarium.

See for yourself.  See New Orleans with new eyes.

Visit the New Orleans Odditarium tomorrow.